United States security guard jobs

Security issue is a now a global issue and all countries of the work trying to cope with this problem. There are different strategies are being adapted to resolve this problem. There are various measures are taken by the countries, but the USA firmly beat this global problem. The USA government and private companies hires security guards in different places like offices, companies, educational institutes, public places, shopping malls and highways. These securities jobs are important to secure and ensure the lives of the inhabitants and their properties. These securities guard jobs are hired by different organization, commercial institutes like banks, offices, institutes and even private or as a personal security guard. The prime or core responsibility of the security guard is to protect the lives of the people from any mishap or attack. Similarly, the security guard patrol and check the defined area or premises and not allow any irrelevant individual without scanning, and metal detection. The security guard jobs are continually published in news papers from different employer or companies.

The security guard main responsibilities are to protect the lives and properties of the public. He is also responsible to patrol the premises on foot or by vehicle according to the need and demand of the situation. In case of emergency like fire or alarm sound he calls police or fire brigade for assistance. He also checks and halts the irrelevant individual or vehicle in defined security premises. The security guard usually installed at the entrance and exit gate of the organization, company or office to scan the people and vehicles through metal detector. The security guard makes sure that the working environment for employees is safe and secure. He also prepares and compiles reports regarding incidents, suspicious activities or any mishap. The security guard handles all situations professionally. The personal security guard secures the employer house or defined premises and lives of the concerned person from any difficult situation.

Qualification and experience
The security guard job in the USA demands at least high school education or GED equivalent along with relevant three to five years experience. Moreover, it is beneficial if he has valid Class D Security License. It is also necessary that he should be good in communication both oral and written. He should be active, punctual, cooperative, alert, more than 18 years of age, can operate all security equipment or devices. In the USA the security guard must be legal in this country and have valid passport and work permit. It is necessary for the security guard that he can operate and get assistance from modern security devices. The security guard keenly observes the CCTV cameras, alarm system and other devices. The employer usually prefers those securities guard who have professional training certification from recognized institute and physically strong.

How to apply
In the USA there are various security concerned agencies which provide security to public and their assets from any accident. These agencies hire and appoint security guard in different areas or premises. However, employer or companies can also advertise these jobs in news papers and recruiting websites. Applicant or security guard directly send their application on given postal address or send application online by provided application format.

Salary and other facilities
Security guard position in the USA offer different salaries because of different employer or hiring authorities. The personal security guard earn different as compare to company or organizational security guard. However, the average salary for these security jobs is in between $14/ hour to $24/ hour. The security guard also get other benefits from employer or companies like medical insurance, paid holidays, paid sick days, etc.

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