United States house jobs

United States is financially stable country because of industry, tourism, natural resources, education institutes, medical facilities and that is why the resident of this country and international settler require house maids. The housekeeper or house maid or house servant jobs are common in this country. Housekeeper’s jobs are also required in hotels, hospitals, guest houses and other organization. In United States these house maids are appointed for getting different services like cooking meals, washing clothes, cleaning carpets and floor, ironing dresses, cleaning furniture, cleaning bath tubs and windows, setting bed sheets, attending phone calls, purchasing groceries items for kitchens, caring kids and toddlers and look after of sick or elder family member. United States houses maid jobs are advertised in leading news papers and online websites by employer or housekeeper agencies. These jobs usually required skilled and experienced individual as full-time or as a part-time house maid. United States houses maid job earn handsome salary package along with employer tips in limited time.

House maid main responsibilities are cooking, washing, cleaning and caring. In the US hotels and hospitals the housekeeper perform different duties like changing bed sheets, cleaning floor, washroom, furniture cleaning, dusting and others assigned tasks. In hospitals the housekeeper cleans beds of patients, lifting bedspreads, room adjustment and cleaning. The employer also clears prior to induction the duties of the house maid and timing or working hours. There are some employer which hire the house maids for two to three tasks, but there are some employer which appoint him as a full-time house maid and offer handsome salary package. The house maid should be aware about all home appliances and electric equipment. In the USA there are majorities of the houses which hire the house maid for caring their kids or toddlers during the working hours. In these cases the house maid cares the kids, providing feeders, changing pampers and play with them during the stay.

Qualification and experience
House maid positions demands a relative experience and qualification, but in some cases experience is not necessary like in case of cleaning. However, it is important for the house maid that he/she should be hard worker and trustworthy. This also vital for the housekeeper or house maid that he/she must be eligible to work in this country and have a legal status of residency. It is also compulsory for the house maid that he/she must be over 18 years of age. The kids caring house maids must have a relevant experience of making feeders and understand hygienic method of handling these kids.

How to apply
In the USA the housekeeper’s jobs or house maids jobs are published in news papers and online recruiting websites. These advertisements also advertised by the house maid agencies. The house maid agencies usually provide house maids to employer for different house tasks. However, house maids can also apply for these jobs against published advertisement directly. The employer takes interview and then assigned house jobs and salary package. The foreigners who want to apply for these house maid jobs must have a legal status in this country and have valid working visa or permit.


Salary and other facilities
The house maids jobs provide different salary package. The commercial institutes like hotels and hospital pay different rate to housekeeper, but the employer from houses pay differently to their house maid. Sometime, the house maid salary or package is adjusted through mutual understanding between employer and house maid. The average house maid salary is in between $11.50-$15.00 per hour plus tip given by the employer or organization. The house maid who is hired for the caring of sick person at home earn handsome salary package.

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