United States hotel jobs

United States is a developed country of the content North America which has various natural resources. This country has large network of industries and commercial organization. United States is leading in tourist industry and that is why million of tourists visit this part of the world each year. Similarly, business community, visitors, tourists, students and other employees of international organization visit this country. All these people are accommodated in fantastic hotels and restaurants. These hotels are equipped with all modern facilities and services provided by the skilled hotel staff. Hotels in the United States are outstanding because of quality services and comfortable rooms. Hotels executives always try to induct more skilled, seasoned and qualified hotel employee from international or national market. United States hotel usually advertise these jobs in leading news papers and online websites like hotel manager, room attendant, porter, housekeeper, chef, cook, cleaner, caretaker, kitchen porter, accountant, receptionist, waiters, waitress, drivers, etc. These hotels job also announced in hotels own websites.

Hotel managers manage hotel, motel and guest houses. He is responsible to observe the hotel staff and check their duties. Hotel manager in the USA hire hotel employees, provide training, resolve issues, adjust budget and run hotel business smoothly. Receptionist job in the USA hotels is important and it plays important role in hotel development. The receptionist must be aware about administration and client handling skills. He should be fantastic in communication both in written and oral. The receptionist performs different duties at his office like booking, registration of guests, bills compiling, answer incoming calls and other clerical tasks. The housekeeper job is hotel is necessary to maintain room decoration and beds arrangement. The housekeeper must be skillful, experienced and ability to do his job independently. The housekeeper performs their duties in different hours or shifts. The chef and cook position in hotel are key because of tasty foods and dishes. He is responsible for making native and international foods. Similarly, also prepare according to instruction given by the guests. Waiters and waitress jobs in hotel are icons which are responsible for taking orders, placing food on table and collecting bills from customers.

Qualification and experience
Hotel manager should be an experienced person and he must have at least high school education. However, his experience must be related with hotel industry. In the USA the standard hotels require bachelor degree in management sciences or hospitality management. Similarly, he should be aware about computer software. The receptionist job demands degree in hospitality or public relation or minimum bachelor degree and excellent knowledge of computer. The housekeeper must have at least high school education and relevant hospitality experience. Chef in hotels must be equipped with cooking skills and related qualification like diploma in cooking or recipes. The waiters and waitress in the USA hotels are compulsory and they usually experienced and qualified. These waiters job normally awarded to person having at least graduation qualification and relevant experience.

How to apply
USA hotels advertise these jobs in leading news papers and hotel websites, similarly these jobs also announced in hotels own websites form where applicant can apply online. Online application form is available which usually demands personal, academic and professional information. In case of foreign candidate then hotel mange his work visa or employee visa on his behalf. In case applicant is already in this country, then he must have legal status in this country.

Salary and other facilities
Hotels jobs provide different salary packages and other related facilities according to qualification and experience. Hotel manager in US hotel draw $4000 per month, receptionist earn $2500 per month, housekeeper salary is usually $2000 per month, chef draws $3200 per month and waiters salary is about $2000 per month.

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