UK hotel jobs

United Kingdom or the UK is most civilized and developed country of the world. It is situated in the heart of Europe. It has fantastic infra structure, educational system, industrial structure, business empires and other organization. This country has marvelous natural beauty and fantastic picnic spots entire country. There are millions of tourists, visitors, businessmen, students, employer visit this part of the world. However, this country accommodates all these visitors and tourist in its classic world class hotels and resorts. Hotels in England are outstanding because of modern facilities and skilled staff. All hotels have fantastic hotel staff which is equipped with modern marketing and hospitality training. There are various hotel jobs required in every good hotel in the UK. The common jobs in hotel are general manager job, manager jobs, accountant jobs, receptionist job, housekeeper job, chef job, cook job, waiter, waitress job, porter job, driver’s job, gardener’s job, etc. All these vacancies are filled with more suitable applicant having sufficient experience and skills. These hotels job are usually published in leading news papers and online recruiting websites. Similarly, vacant jobs also advertised in hotels own websites.

In the UK hotels the prime jobs title is general manager job, which is responsible for all managements, review income, expenditures, enhance quality of services and performance of the hotels employees. The beverage manager is responsible to maintain beverage stock and record. He should be expert in managing bar and aware all bar products and their efficacy. He should be good in communication and marketing expertise. The receptionist job in hotel is the most influential because he/she is the first individuals that contact the customer. He/she welcomes all customers, attend incoming calls, sort mails and send to relevant offices, compile reports, bills and sometime keep hotel financial record. The receptionist also reserves the hotel rooms and table for lunch or dinner. He/she must have up-to-date foods and beverages knowledge. The chef or cook jobs in hotels play an important role in the performance of the hotel. Chefs are responsible for making delicious dishes and other recopies. Chefs must have expertise in making continental dishes, Chinese dishes and Italian dishes. He must maintain hygiene in cooking areas and cooking wares. Housekeeper job is necessary in hotels and he/she is responsible for maintaining rooms and beds and table. Moreover, he/she is responsible for clearing furniture, floors and accessories.

Qualification and experience
The general manager is the person having sound experience of this job and have outstanding communication skills. He must have bachelor or master degree in hotel management, hospitality or business administration. The bar manager should have a relevant experience and marketing certification and skill. The receptionist must have degree in hospitality or public management or business administration qualification. He/she must be good administration expertise. The chefs must have their professional certification in cooking and hospitality. Similarly, there are different types of diploma in recipes and dishes. The housekeeper should be experience and professional in assigned task. He/she should have at least high school education.

How to apply
The UK hotels job, are usually advertised in hotels own websites and leading news papers. Online websites also provide an application form for each vacant position in the UK. This application form needs personal, academic and experience details. Similarly, some jobs provide employer or hotel email address on that applicant can send his/her curriculum vitae.


Salary and other facilities
The UK hotel jobs offer an excellent salary packages and other relevant facilities. The general manager in the UK hotel earns £4000 per month, while manager salary is £3000 and accountant draws £2600. However, receptionist draw £1500, the housekeeper salary is £7.52 per hour, chef earn £2500 per month, waiters draws £6.13 per hour.

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