Saudi Arabia security guard jobs

Saudi Arabia security guard jobs
Security issue is now a global issue and every country tries to ensure the security of its public and their properties. Saudi Arabia security agencies and companies always induct more skilled and experienced security guard for this purpose. The Saudi Arabia security jobs are required in almost every filed from commercial to industries. All companies, industries, organizations, offices, educational institutes, hospital, hotels, airports, oil fields, refineries, public places like shopping malls and other building needs security guards for securing the lives and their properties. The security guards position are advertised in news papers and also hired by the recruiting agencies. The security guards also inducted for personal security or home security. Saudi Arabia security guards are equipped with fantastic training and modern weapons. Moreover, the security guards also supported by the modern technologies like cameras, alarm system, scanning devise, metal detectors and other communication system. The security guards vacancies are available both in as part-time and full-time in Saudi Arabia.

The prime responsibilities of security guard to secure the lives, assets, properties and other valuable things. The security guard takes measures for the public security and inform to higher authority if something is missing. He is continually watching the defined premises and observing cameras. The security guard regularly watching the suspicious individuals and halt for personal identification on companies gates. Similarly, security guards also check and scan vehicles entering into industry, company or shopping malls. The security guards services are required in all premises and even at houses for security. The security guard installed on originating gates, entrance points and other important areas of the company. In Saudi Arabia there are hundreds of oil refineries and oil fields where security guards are necessary to protect the assist and installation. The security guards get assistance from advance technology and secure given area from any mishap or any other emergency. The security guard also handle difficult situation like fire, accident, strikes and mob attack. Security guard also compiles security reports on the weekly basis or daily basis and present to security officers in Saudi Arabia.

Qualification and experience
The security guard in Saudi Arabian organization and companies must be skilled, experienced, trained and qualified. It is necessary for the security guard in Saudi that he must have at least high school education and security training. It is necessary for the security guard that he must have minimum one to two years experience in related security filed. The security guard also equipped with awareness of modern technologies and should have strong physiques. The security guard must be fantastic in communication both in Arabic and English. It is necessary for the security guard that he must understand all security equipment and their uses.

How to apply
Security guard jobs in Saudi Arabia advertises or announced in leading news papers and recruiting websites. These jobs providing website provides application form which is filled out by the applicant and then send. Similarly, applicant can apply through postal service, but it needs hard copies of academic documents along with experience letters. There are various recruiting agencies which induct qualified security guards on the behalf of the Saudi Arabian security executive. These recruiting agencies advertise these securities guard positions in local news papers and take tests and interview in the presence of Saudi employers and pick more qualified security guards.

Salary and other facilities
Saudi Arabian security agencies induct more experienced and qualified security guards from different sources. Saudi Arabia security guards earn different salary package from different organization or institution. However, the average salary for security guard in Saudi Arabia is about SAR 3000 per month along with other provided facilities like accommodation, foods and medical assistance.

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