Saudi Arabia office jobs

Saudi Arabia office jobs
Saudi Arabia is an outstanding in oil exports and main commercial hub in Arabia. People from all over the world visit this part of the world for commercial assignments, consignments and deals. There are thousands of companies offices, industries offices, organization offices and commercial or business offices. All these offices regularly demand hundreds of office jobs for skills and experienced person each week. The Saudi Arabian office advertised or published these office jobs in leading news papers or online recruiting websites. However, office administration in Saudi Arabia always inducts more skilled and qualified individual from applicants. Saudi Arabia office jobs are amazing because of salary packages and other provided facilities. Saudi Arabian office jobs also provide classic working environment. These Saudi Arabian offices usually advertised these office jobs like office administrator job, manager jobs, accountant jobs, receptionist’s jobs, secretary jobs, clerical staff jobs, computer operator jobs, peon, office boy, porter, security guard, drivers, cooks and many other related jobs.

Saudi Arabia office employees perform different types of duties assigned by the office manager or executive. The office administrative job is the key job in Saudi Arabian offices and the prime responsibilities of this position is to recruiting new staff, training the employees, provide comfortable working area, monitoring, coordination, provide all requirements of the employees and facilitate in work. The office secretary job in Saudi offices is important and he welcomes all official clients, guide them according to their concerned office, handle incoming calls, answer the quires of the clients, mange record and provide comfort in office work. Similarly office clerk perform different function like keeping record up dated, filing relevant papers, sort documents, receipts arrangement, bills, payments and other clients record. The computer data entry job is assigned for computer expert and he performs different tasks like saving official data, sending emails, checking orders and consignments. The other office jobs like peon, office boy, drivers and security guards are important and necessary and they all perform their assigned duties.

Qualification and experience
The office administrator should be skilled and highly qualified individual. He must have master in management science, or business administration along with relevant experience in same filed. The secretary should be good in communication, customer handling, computer expertise and he should have at least graduation in office management or administration. The office clerk must have graduation and related experience, typing skills, computer literacy, etc. The computer operator is a professional and he must have relevant computer degree or certification in this IT field. He should be good in typing and other software expertise. Office driver must have valid driving licenses of Saudi Arabia and aware about all traffic rules of this country.

How to apply
Saudi Arabia office jobs are usually advertised in leading Arabic and English news papers and online recruiting websites. Applicant for these jobs can apply online by using provided application format which demands basic personal and academic details. These jobs also filled through recruiting agents or agencies. These agencies advertise these jobs on the behalf of the Saudi Arabia office executives. They take tests and interviews regarding these jobs and induct more suitable employee for their offices. Interested candidates for Saudi Arabia office jobs can also send their application through postal service to office address in Saudi Arabia.

Salary and other facilities
Saudi Arabia office jobs usually offers an excellent salary package along with other facilities, but the office administrator draws about SAR 5000 per month, the office secretary earn about SAR 4000 per month, office clerk receives SAR 250 per month, the computer operator earn SAR 3000 per month, Similarly other office jobs like peon, security guards, drivers and office boy also earn handsome salary and other recommended facilities.

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