Saudi Arabia hotel jobs

Saudi Arabia hotel jobs
Saudi Arabia a large Islamic country in Arabia and it is main petroleum exporter in this region. Saudi Arabia is a vast country and it hosts million of visitors in the form of pilgrimage for hajj each year and Umrah performer also visits round the year. Similarly, Saudi Arabia oil companies, construction companies and other business concerned people visit this country. The huge influx of the visitors, tourists, business community and pilgrimages to this part of the world increases the residencies in the form of hotels and restaurants. This country is financially stabled and constructed fantastic hotels which offer amazing hospitality services. Saudi Arabian hotels advertise different vacant hotel jobs in leading Arabic and English news papers. These hotels job are filled with skilled, qualified and experienced employees. All hotel employees perform different duties in hotel and facilitate the visitors, guests and tourist. Saudi Arabian hotels executives always try to appoint more outstanding employee in relevant position. Saudi Arabian hotels usually advertise these jobs like hotel manager, hotel accountant, receptionist, marketing manager, clerks, computer operator, chefs, cooks, waiters, waitresses, room service attendant, gardeners, drivers and porters.

In hotel different jobs are assigned to different employees and they perform outstandingly. Saudi Arabian hotels executives pick the right man for right job that is why all hotels job are filled through skilled and experienced workers. He manages all requirements and demands of the clients and employees. He regularly checks all the compartments and segments of the hotel. He arranges meetings, seminars, conferences. The marketing manager job in hotel is to increase the performance and economy through public relation and advertisement and for this purpose he organizes different campaigns and advertisements. Similarly the most attractive job in hotel is known as receptionist job. The receptionist welcomes all customers and attends, respond incoming calls, sort out mails, compile bills and reports. In hotels account job is the prime job that control budget and check expenditures. He is responsible for income and expenses. Moreover, he keeps the account record up-to-date for executives. Accountant files bills, receipts, purchasing list and other related documents. The computer operator compiles ills, reports and keeps the record in soft. In hotels the important jobs belong to chefs and they responsible of good taste, they usually experts in intercontinental dishes and native foods.

Qualification and experience
Saudi Arabian hotel manager is real key figure that control almost whole hotel management. He must have a relevant experience and qualification in hotel or hospitality management or business administration or business management. The marketing manager must be related with marketing and should have degree in marketing management or economics. The receptionist job is a very attentive job and it demands certification in hospitality or public relation along with graduations. It is also necessary for the receptionist that he must be aware about computer software. Account must have graduation degree in accountancy, business administration or commerce. The computer operator must have certification or degree in computer literacy or computer science along with experience. Chefs and cook normally have diplomas in cooking and recipes. Similarly they also equipped with certification from hospitality management institute.

How to apply
Saudi Arabian hotels job normally advertised in news papers and online websites. The applicant for these jobs can apply online through provided application form or through ordinary postal services. In case of postal services it requires hard copies of documents. However, recruiting agencies also induct suitable candidate on the behalf of the hotel management.

Salary and other facilities
Saudi Arabia hotel management offers different salary packages to different employees. Similarly different hotels also present different salary packages and other facilities. The hotel manager salary in Saudi Arabia is about 20,000 SAR, similarly marketing manager salary is about 10000 SAR, receptionist earn 4000 SAR, chef salary is 3,125 SAR, accountant earns 4500 SAR while waiter draw about 2200 SAR per month along with other facilities.

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