Saudi Arabia driving jobs

The prime responsibility of the driver job is to pick up goods, people and drop in their desire destination in due time. Saudi Arabia has thousands of oil exploring companies, construction companies and other international organization. Moreover, there are hundreds of other offices, shopping malls, educational institutes, hotels, hospitals and commercial organization. Similarly, driver jobs are also inducted by the personal or home drivers for personal duties. Saudi Arabia drivers job are divided into two main categories like light vehicles drivers and heavy vehicles drivers. The heavy vehicles driver is required in industries, oil companies, exploring fields, school bus and public transportation. The heavy vehicles drivers drive trucks, buses, trailers, tankers and other heavy vehicles. The light vehicles drivers are inducted by offices, hospitals, hotels and as personal drivers for domestic services. These drivers job demands valid driving license of Saudi Arabia and medical fitness. These drivers job are also required by commercial organizations for goods loading and unloading, similarly, food industries also hire the drivers for delivery. The public transport like buses drivers are also demanded by city management for public transportation from one region of the city to another area.

The main responsibilities of the heavy and light vehicles drivers are to ensure transportation of goods from one place to another destination in due time. The other core responsibilities of the drivers in Saudi Arabia are to confirm the vehicle condition, checking all its parts, fuel, tires, lights and others compulsory components. Drivers also clean their vehicles during the rest hours and ensure that vehicle is ready for next ride. It is necessary for the drivers in this country that they must keep the record of each journey or trip. It is prime duty of the drivers that they must bring in the notice of the supervisor regarding any malfunction in the vehicle and check it in regular intervals. It is also concerned with the drivers that they must load or unload if required. In Saudi Arabia it is vital for the drivers that they must follow the provided route and time schedule. Drivers must have a valid relevant driving license like light vehicle or heavy vehicle license. Driver’s position or job is tough and sometime it stretches for long hours so he must be flexible and willing to do overtime job.

Qualification and experience
Saudi Arabian driving jobs depend upon the experience and qualification. It is necessary for the driver that he must have at least high school education and relevant three to five years experience. Moreover, it is the most important that driver must be equipped with light or heavy driving license and that must be valid. He should be good in both physical and mental health. However, the drivers must understand Arabic and English languages.

How to apply
Drivers jobs mostly advertise in news papers and websites, but the majority of drivers job are filled through recruiting agencies or agent that organizes tests and interviews under the supervision of Saudi employer. The personal drivers are hired through personal advertisement and contact number. The driver can make a contact with employer and adjust salary and other facilities. Drivers can send their CVs and other relevant documents to employer postal address.

Salary and other facilities
Saudi Arabian companies and industries offer salary package for heavy vehicles drive that is in between 2800 SAR to 3000 SAR per month with other basic facilities excluding overtime. However, the light vehicles driver earn in between 1500 SAR to 1700 SAR per month along with other facilities like food, accommodation and medical facility. The hotels, hospitals and other commercial drivers salary is adjusted according to their own rules. Moreover, personal drivers salary and other package is mutually adjusted.

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