Qatar security guard jobs

Qatar security guard jobs
The security issues are now a global issue and countries of the world expending million of dollars on this. All countries of the entire world trying to cope this problem through different scientific and manual assistance. The closed circuits cameras, scanners, metal detectors and other devices are being used. Similarly, Qatar also used these technologies to resolve this issue and for this purpose this country hires more skilled and qualified security guards to protect the lives and properties of inhabitants as well as foreign resident. These securities guard are inducts for the general security of the public and ensure their properties and other assets are safe. Security guards are posted or installed in public places like shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, banks, commercial head offices, educational institutes, industries and workplaces. Qatar hires these securities guards from different countries of the world to ensure the security of the nationals and foreigners residing in this country. Similarly, female security guards are also appointed in different place for security purpose.

In Qatar and other parts of the world the prime aim of the security guard is to secure the people from any danger, protect from criminals attacks, damages, robbery or any other mishaps. It is necessary for the security guard to check his all accessories like gun, detectors, cameras and other security devices. Security guard must stop any irrelevant person to enter in the premises of the company or assigned place and report to higher authority if you find someone suspicious. It is vital for the security guard to petrol the defined area through vehicles or by foot. Similarly, check all security system like alarm, lights, gates, cameras, detectors, gun and other equipment. It is also related with the security guard that he must compile a report on the weekly basis or daily basis for authorities to point out flaws and lapses. Security guards not only installed in companies or offices, but they may be appointed for residential areas or for personal security of the individual. Security guards petrol all defined areas and premises to protect this from any damage to security issues. The security men always provide a fantastic working environment for other workers or employees in company.

Qualification and experience
Qatar executives always try to appoint more skilled, experienced and qualified individual to fill the security guard position. It is necessary for the security guard job that he must have at least high school certification and minimum three years experience in same field. It is also vital for security guard that he must be equipped with security training or skills and aware about first aid, firefighting and security systems. However, it is compulsory that security guard must be strong physique and communication skills as well as quickly understand the prevailing situation.

How to apply
It is simple because all security jobs in Qatar are advertised in leading Arabic news papers and online recruiting websites. These jobs providing websites provide an application form in which applicant put his personal and academic data and send. This method of application is swift and secure. While, these positions also filled through local recruiting agencies or agents. Applicant, who are interested in these security jobs in Qatar can apply through traditional postal service or courier service.

Salary and other facilities
Qatar security guards are required almost all companies and organizations. The salary package for these securities guard jobs is different in different working environment. However, the average salary package for this security guards job is about QAR 1500 per month with other recommended facilities like accommodation, food and health assistance. Moreover, the extra duty time changes into overtime. It is important for the security guard that in Qatar there is excellent working environment.

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