Qatar house jobs

Qatar house jobs
Qatar is financially stable country because of oil and gas exports, specifically this country exports LNG to other parts of the world. Qatar good economy and stable financial position also indicated from living standard of the inhabitants. Qatar nationals and foreign residents are good in their economy or earning and that is why they induct or appoint house servant or maids. Qatar resident usually advertise these jobs in leading news papers or recruiting agencies. Qatar house jobs are filled for different house jobs like cooking, cleaning, kids caring, washing clothes, purchasing kitchen items, assistance to handle old family member. Qatar house jobs have different job titles like house servant, house maid, housekeeper, etc. However, the job is the same and simple to just manage the house tasks and facilitate the family members. Qatar families try to hire the house maid that knows their own language or belong to same country. In Qatar the families usually appoint female house maid for their home services.

The housekeeper or house maids are also appointed by other institutes like hospitals and hotels. Qatar house job includes cleaning, dusting, washing, cooking, caring of kids and elder family members, dish washing, ironing, etc. Qatar house jobs are different in different families and some families also specify the duties of the house maid. In Qatar some families make their own food, but hire the maid for other house jobs like washing and cleaning. Similarly, some families induct or appoint the house maid for caring of elder family member. Qatar house jobs advertisement clarifies that what duties will be performed by the house maid. In some cases house maids are appointed for outdoor tasks like parching kitchen items, deposit bills, taking kids to schools and assisting other relevant matters. However, house maid is a person, which performs different function in and out of the house according to the instructions of the employer.

Qualification and experience
Qatar house job demands relevant experience of these jobs prior to this appointment. The employer advertises house job and mentioned house task, salary package, timing like full-time or part-time job, language, nationality, age and gender. Similarly, some families induct the house maid who lives with them and in this case there is no specification of timing. The house maid jobs position in Qatar does not demand any specific education, but he/she should be minimum high school certification. If an applicant for this job has a prior experience of this filed that will be beneficial for them and if the house maid have kids caring experience, then it will be another plus point for this job.

How to apply
The Qatar house maid jobs are advertised in leading newspapers or recruiting websites. These jobs are also arranged by local recruiting agents or through personal contacts. If these jobs are announced in online recruiting websites, then there is an option for applicant that they can easily send their data online. These websites provide an application format and candidate fill out all the blanks of the given format and then send to authority. Applicant can also send his/her documents through postal service, while applicant can also contact the employer through given contact number or email.

Salary and other facilities
In Qatar salary to house maid is handsome as compare to other countries. It is also up to the employer and it is also adjusted with mutual understanding between employee and employer. However, the average salary is about QAR 1400 to QAR 1500 per month along with other facilities like accommodation in case of full-time job, medical assistance, food and traveling allowance. There are some house jobs in Qatar which are available as part-time house maid or for some specific tasks.

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