Qatar hotel jobs

Qatar hotel jobs
Qatar is placed in the Middle East and connected with Saudi Arabia through land border. Qatar is famous for oil and gas exporting to other parts of the world. Qatar is included in rich courtiers list because of outstanding exports. This country is financially stable and that is why different businessmen, traders and visitors visit this country. Qatar accommodated all its guests and tourist in fantastic hotels which are divided into different categories like five stars, four stars, three and two stars according to the provided facilities. In Qatar here are some top ranked five star hotels like Doha Marriott hotel, Four seasons hotel Doha, Grand Hyatt hotel Doha, Grand regency hotel Doha. All these elite class hotels and others announce different types of hotels jobs for qualified, experienced and skilled employees. Hotels usually advertise hotel managers job, receptionist jobs, chefs, cook jobs, waiter jobs, porters driver jobs, security officers job, marketing managers job, accountant jobs, etc. All these vacant positions in Qatar hotels are filled through quilted individuals.

In Qatar hotels are classic because of world class faculties and welcomes international guests. These hotels job are filled with more competent person. Hotel manager is responsible for all assigned management in hotel and coordinate between executive and other hotel staff. The receptionist job is for more alert male or female and he/she is responsible for welcoming guests and other visitors and guide them according to their requirement. Receptionist handles some clerical task as well when required. Similarly, hotel chefs and cooks are responsible for cooking different types of international dishes or local foods according to the instructions. The accountants have their own task about accountancy of the hotel and maintain up dated record. The security guards or officers are responsible for foolproof security in the premises of the hotel. Hotel waiters and waitresses have their own task that is guiding the gusts to their tables, taking orders, provide foods and beverages, collecting bills and assists in different tasks.

Qualification and experience
Qatar hotels management strict in induction employees and they only prefer skilled, expedited and qualified hotels staff. Similarly, they select the person for right position having enough experience. The hotel manager jobs are awarded to individual having managing background and have outstanding experience in management. He must have relevant degree in hospitality management or business administration. The receptionist must have fantastic computer skills and public relation certification. It is more important that he/she has attractive and friendly personality. The account jobs are filled with commerce or accounting professionals. The waiters and waitresses job demands hospitality management skills and at least gradation to deals outstandingly with guests. The chefs are inducted on the ground of expertise in preparing meals and famous dishes like Chinese, Italian and intercontinental as well as native foods. It is necessary for the chefs that they have relevant certification in recipes and cooking. The drivers must have valid Qatar driving license.

How to apply
Qatar hotels job are normally advertised in leading Arabic and English news papers and jobs recruiting websites or hotel own website. Hotels website and recruiting website provides an online opportunity to hotel job applicant to apply online through provided application format. The application format demands basic requirement like name, qualification, experience, job in which interested, nationality and other related question. However, applicant can apply on hotel postal address through postal service, but it needs hard copies in attested form.

Salary and other facilities
Qatar hotels job offers handsome salary package according to job position and responsibilities. The average salary for hotel manager is about QAR 12000 to QAR 13000 per month, Chef earns QAR 5000 to QAR 5500 per month, waiter salary is about QAR 2400 to QAR 3000, and receptionist salary is about QAR 3500 to QAR 4000 per month. Similarly drivers, security guards and porters draw well salary package from hotels.

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