Oman security guard jobs

Oman security guard jobs
Securities concerned are faced all over the world and all countries of the world are coping with these security problems. Each country of the world expend huge amount of money to handle these security problems. To secure the inhabitant lives and their properties from terrorists and other wicked people Omani institution and organization hire security guards. The security guards secure workplaces for employees, monitor entry gates and secure premises or defined security area. The security guard scans all visitors, vehicles and other carrying items through scanning devices. The security person always tries to check security breaches or lapses and inform the higher authorities about these problems. The security guards not only secure companies, bans, schools, hospitals, hotels, business malls, but the guard also protects the personal property and life. The security guard randomly checks the premises and defined area. Security guard also get assists from modern devices like CCTV cameras, scanners, alarm system, metal detectors, etc.

In Oman the security guard prime responsibility is to secure the public and their properties. The security guard issue security passes before entry into private building, company or industry. Security guard is also responsible for security monitoring. He is concerned with entry of visitors, employees or clients and their secure departure from that area. Security guard does not permit any individual or vehicles with checking, identification and reason of entry into premises. He is also responsible for calling police or fire department in case of emergency. Security guard also control mob in case of strike or agitation or disturbance. The security guard secures people from any uncertainty through weapons and physical combat. Oman companies, organization and institutes have sound security system through skilled, qualified and experienced security guards. Oman personal security guards are also hired by the cerebrates, businessmen and other elite class family members. These securities guard are hired through open advertisement and hire more suitable and physical fit individuals.

Qualification and experience
Oman security guard are fantastic and amazing because of outstanding training and physical fitness. These securities guard are also equipped with modern weapons and security devices. The security guard minimum qualification must be high school education as well as two to three years experience in same field. Moreover, it is necessary for the security guard that he has fantastic awareness regarding security devices. Similarly, security guard must have specific security training or coaching from recognized institution. The authorities in Oman always try to induct more skillful and physical strong individual among the applicants. However, there are some organizations or companies, which prefer retired army or police force individuals to secure companies premises and defined areas.

How to apply
In Oman security guard vacancies published in leading Arabic and English news papers, but these securities guard jobs also announced in job providing websites. These websites also provide an opportunity to send online application and for this they provide online application form. This application form simply demands personal data, academic data and professional experience. These jobs also filled up through local or native recruiting agencies. These agencies hire security guard through advertisement and take tests and interview then selects the best security guard. However, applicant can also send their required documents through courier service or postal service.

Salary and other facilities
Oman security guard job are fantastic because of modern facilities, vehicles, electronic devices, cameras, alarm system, scanners, etc. Similarly this job usually offers handsome salary package and other basic facilities. Oman security guard usually earns about 200 OMR to 250 OMR per month along with other recommended facilities like accommodation, food and traveling. The personal security guards earn differently because they adjust their salary package by mutual understanding and similarly other facilities from employer.

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