Oman house jobs

Oman house jobs
Oman a well established country in the Middle East and financially sound because of petroleum export to other parts of the world. Oman residents and foreign settlers have good economy and because of this they hire house servants, also known as housekeepers, house maids, etc. These houses maid belong to both genders. The native people and foreign residents advertise these house maids job in local news papers and online recruiting websites. These houses maids or servant jobs are divided into two categories like full-time house maid and part-time house maid. In Oman the native people hire Arabic maids or who understand Arabic, but the foreign resident usually prefers those house maids who know their language. The house maid performs different types of duties at house like dusting, washing, cooking, ironing, kids caring, old family member caring, kitchen and other groceries purchasing, etc. However, some time house maid is hired for some specific tasks like dish washing, clothe washing, ironing or cooking meals. Similarly, some families induct house maid for cooking, but having cooking certification or diploma.

In Oman houses maid is responsible for those house tasks for which he/she has been assigned. However, house maids usually performs different types of duties like washing clothes, cooking different dishes, washing utensils, ironing uniform and other dresses, ducting walls and furniture, caring kids and old family members. The house maid also purchases house groceries items and deposits utility bills. Oman native residents and foreign settlers always try to induct more experience and skilled house maid. The house maid or housekeeper also performs some outdoor duties like leaving the kids at their schools. House maid are hired as a part-time servant to do some house jobs like just dish washing and clothe washing, while some house maid are hired as a full-time servant and this type of house maid also live with family. Sometime house maid is only hired for kids caring at home during daytime.

Qualification and experience
Oman house maid servants are inducted on the basis of qualification and experience. It is necessary that house maid must have at least two to three years experience and minimum high school education. In some cases houses maids are appointed for caring the kids and for this they must have a prior experience of this field. Similarly, some house maid is appointed for caring elder family member. These houses maid positions are also available in hotels and hospitals where they perform different duties like changing bed sheets, dusting and arranging things in hotel rooms and hospitals. These houses maid jobs are also required in hostels, guest houses and rest houses in Oman. The foreigners who are settled in Oman induct these house maids from their native country because of language and other traditional factors.

How to apply
In Oman these house maids job are advertised in famous Arabic and English news papers. There are various local recruiting agencies which can provide house maid according to employer requirement. Similarly, house maid contact the employer and adjust salary package and other facilities. Online application is also be entertained, which is send through online service through recruiting website. The house maid applicant also sends his particulars or relevant documents to employer postal address through postal service or courier service.

Salary and other facilities
Oman house maid or house servant earn handsome salary package and other basic facilities. Oman native and foreign residents provide comfortable working environment to house maid. House maid usually earn about 100 to 150 OMR per month along with other facilities like accommodation, foods and basic health facilities. However, house maid salary can also be adjusted through mutual understanding between employee and employer.

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