Oman driving jobs

Oman driving jobs
Oman is famous for its petroleum products export and huge industries in entire country. Oman has large industrial network, oil fields, gas refilling stations, construction companies, different offices, education institutes, hotels, hospitals and other commercial institutes. All these organization needs different types of drivers like heavy vehicles drivers and light vehicles drivers. Hotels, hospitals, offices and personal used vehicles requires light vehicles drivers, but industries, schools and public transport demands heavy vehicles drivers. In industries trucks, tankers, trailers, drivers need heavy license holder driver. In personal drivers are appointed for personal vehicle driving, which is for picking and drop of the family members. Hospital drivers provide service as ambulance driver or medicine carrier from pharmacy shop to hospital. Driver jobs are common in Oman and usually required in companies, organizations, banks, educational institutes, hospitals and traveling agencies. Similarly, all construction companies and industries hire heavy vehicles drivers.

The prime responsibility of the driver is to shift the goods and passengers from one place to another. The other vital responsibility of both heavy and light vehicle driver is to check the physical condition of the vehicle like brakes, fuel, oil, tires, water level, lights, horn and other components. Similarly, continually monitor the performance or condition of the vehicle on a daily basis. It is compulsory for both categories drivers that they must follow the Oman traffic rules and regulation. It is also necessary for the Oman drivers that they must follow the transportation procedures. Drivers to light vehicles like hotel drivers also load and unload the passenger luggage. Drivers also maintain delivery record and payments on a daily basis. The public bus drivers provide picking and drop to passengers traveling within city or travel to other city. The heavy vehicles driver in Oman transport oil, gas and industrial finished products from one part of the Oman to other areas of this country.

Qualification and experience
In Oman driver jobs are divided into two prime categories like heavy and light vehicles drivers. These both categories required different types of driving license like light and heavy vehicles driving license. So Oman driving jobs are filled by skilled qualified and license holder drivers. It is also necessary for drivers that they must have at least three to five years driving experience. Moreover, it is also compulsory that driver must be equipped with at least high school education and physical fit. Oman driving job demands that light or heavy drivers must know Oman traffic rules, sign boards, signals and highways rules. It is compulsory for hotel drivers that they can communicate in English with foreign guests or visitors.

How to apply
In Oman driver jobs published in leading Arabic and English news papers, while these jobs also announced in recruiting websites. The recruiting websites offer online application service and drivers can send their application online by just fill out the given application format with compulsory personal information and experience. There are various recruiting agencies within country and outside the country those arranges tests and interviews of the drivers. In this way drivers are selected through recruiting agencies if they have all required documents and skills. Light or heavy vehicles drivers can send their relevant documents and valid license copy to employer or company through postal service or courier service.

Salary and other facilities
Oman light vehicles drivers earn about 150 OMR to 200 OMR while the heavy vehicles drivers draw about 200 OMR to 250 OMR per month along with other facilities like foods, medical assistance and traveling allowances. However, hotels and other personal drivers earn differently due to hotel or hospital policy. In case of personal driver the salary is adjusted with mutual understanding.

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