Kuwait security guard jobs

Kuwait is a developed country, but according to current scenario each country of the world facing security issues and for this they adopt different securities measure. Kuwait security companies successfully protecting their domains and premises, but they hire more security guards to provide fantastic and foolproof security to their inhabitants. Kuwait security guards secure their defied areas by foot or through patrolling by vehicle. The security men stop and scan the suspicious person in their patrolling areas and confirm his identification. The security guards are installed in different places in companies or organization or offices. They usually guard entrance and exit areas and check all entered person and vehicles with the help of metal detectors, scanners and through CCTV camera assistance. Kuwait security guards services are also hired by the personal security of the national of this country as well as foreigners residing in this part of the world. The security men also associated with any emergency or accident like fire or strikes from mob. The security guards secure the workplaces for the employees, students and visitors in visiting places. They also provide security in shopping malls and along the highways.

The main responsibilities of the security guard is to guard, patrol and secure public, companies and organization properties. They assist in security, fire protection, parking areas facilitation, hurdle removers and ensure lives security of the people. Security guard also quickly responds in case of any emergency like fire and any other mishaps. Security men always petrol assigned area of the company or an organization regularly during duty hours. The guard confirms the identification of employees and visitor prior to enter in company or office. The security guard also compiles security reports and submits it to supervisor or executive for further investigation. Security guards also issue visitor card or label the vehicles for security purposes. He also ensures that all security devices like scanner, metal detector, cameras, alarm and other equipment are in working condition. It is also necessary for the security guards that he must be flexible in different working conditions or duration.

Qualification and experience
Security guard jobs in Kuwait demands relevant experience and qualification. The security guard must have minimum high school education along with one to two years experience. The experience must be in same field and prior to this job in Kuwait. In Kuwait security guards positions are usually filled by ex army or police men because of their experience and skills. He must be good in communication and have excellent physique. It is also necessary that the security guard should have relevant skills in the form of training from recognized institute.

How to apply
It is rather simple because online website provide online application facility through provided application format that demands personal data, academic position and experience related matters. The online application is simple, swift and free of cost. Similarly this type of online application does not require any document or its copies. However, applicant can send his application through traditional postal service along with academic documents. The other common method, which is used by the recruiting agencies is induction through recruiting agent on the behalf of the Kuwait security agencies executives.

Salary and other facilities
Security guard jobs in Kuwait are amazing because of fantastic workplace and outstanding working environment. These securities guard jobs are required in different companies, private organizations, offices and for personal home security. In this way all organization offers different salary packages and other facilities. The personal Security guard earn through mutual salary adjustment, but overall the average salary for Security guard jobs in Kuwait is about KWD 200 per month with other recommended facilities like accommodation and health.

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