Kuwait house jobs

Kuwait is a fantastic country situated in Middle East and it is min oil exporter in this region that why this country has amazing per capita income. The financial condition of the inhabitant of this country is marvelous and because of this they hire different types of servant for assistance at home and offices. Kuwait house jobs vacancies are common for both males and females workers. The family in Kuwait inducts house job servant or housekeepers for different house tasks. The house maids are usually hired as a full-time servant or as a part-time house maid in this country. Similarly, sometime the house maids are appointed for particular work or task. Kuwait house maids are hiring for cooking, washing clothes, ironing dresses, dish washing, room cleaning, groceries item purchasing, kid caring and elder family member assistance. Kuwait house jobs or house maid jobs are advertised in local news papers or in recruiting websites. The employer also advertises the purpose of hiring or tasks which will be done by the house maid in this country. Similarly, he also provides his contact number or email address on which applicant send their curriculum vitae.

Kuwait house maids perform different duties in different families. However, the basic responsibilities of the house maids are cleaning, washing, cooking, dusting, purchasing kitchen items, ironing dresses, caring of young kids as well as looking after the elder family member or sick person. Kuwait house maids are also appointed by the leading hotels for changing bed sheets and other dusting or cleaning tasks. Similarly, hospitals and guest house also appoint house maids to do basic tasks in hospital cleaning and management. Kuwait house maids are hires for different time interval as a part or full-time. The full-time house maid also stays with family. In Kuwait native families or settled foreign family prefer to hire their own native house maid because of language and other cultural values, but other house maids are also be hired by both types of families. The families usually appoint house maid for cooking and taking care of kids at home in between morning to afternoon.

Qualification and experience
Kuwait house jobs are filled with experienced, qualified and skilled individual. However, it is necessary for the house maid that he/she must have minimum high school education, but many families prefer graduate house maids. It is necessary that house maid should be equipped with enough experience that must be at least two to three years in same filed. The majority of the house jobs are filled in this country with foreign house maids. However, family maids usually hired from the belonging country of the employer and he is responsible for his/her traveling and work visa.

How to apply
Kuwait house jobs are normally published in leading Arabic and English news papers. However, these house maids jobs also announced in recruiting websites. The advertiser provides his contact number and email address. The house maid can easily contact the employer through provided contact number or send curriculum vitae for details. Similarly, recruiting agencies also mange these jobs for employer. If the employer hire house maid from outside the country, then he will arrange his/her work visa or sponsor visa.

Salary and other facilities
Kuwait house maid jobs are inducted by experienced and qualified house maids through tests and interview. In Kuwait there are different types of families having different types of financial background and they offer different types of salary packages. However, the average salary to house maid is KWD 250 per month along with other facilities like foods, accommodation and health facilities. The part-timer house maids are appointed for specific time to do some tasks for employer.

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