Bahrain security guard jobs

Bahrain security guard jobs
Security is a serious issue all over the world, there are thousands of security agencies and organization which protects the lives and property of the people. Similarly, Bahrain security authority always deeply concerned with this issue and hires more skilled, experienced and qualified security guards from other countries. Bahrain security agencies induct these securities guards for securing and patrolling different premises within country. Bahrain security guards are appointed in different companies and organizations to ensure the security of these institutions. Bahrain security guards are usually appointed by hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, industries, companies, oil refineries, oil wells, oil fields, gas or petrol stations and many other public places like shopping malls. Bahrain security guard is responsible to protect the lives of the inhabitants and their properties. The Bahrain security guard also is hired by personal security in this country. The security guards usually installed at gates, commercial zones, vehicles gates and they check the vehicles and public through devices and scanners.

Bahrain security guard prime responsibility is public security by checking, patrolling, scanning, detecting, camera assistance, alarm facilities and other modern techniques. The security person involve in continuous monitoring the defined area or premises through patrolling. He also compiles a report on a daily basis about equipment and other devices. The security guard does not permit any irrelevant person to enter the company or organization areas. The security guards are also concerned with any mishap like fire, gas leakage or any other issue which can be dangerous and report to the concerned authority immediately. The security person regularly watching CCTV cameras and observe randomly throughout the duty hours and investigate suspicious person. The security guard can check the identification of visitors or clients during his duty time. He also clears any safety hazards and hurdles which can cause any accident.

Qualification and experience
Bahrain security agencies always try to induct most experienced and qualified individual among applicant. It is necessary for the Bahrain security guard that he must have minimum two years experience in related field and have at least high school education. It is also necessary for the security guard that he must have relevant security training from recognized institution. Moreover, he should be good in English communication and good physique. It is also vital that he should be 5 ‘6” in height and flexible in working hours. Bahrain security guards are always appointed after taking tests and interview. It is also necessary for the security guard that they must be physical fit and active in his gestures.

How to apply
All security guards jobs in Bahrain published in famous Arabic or English news papers and online websites. The online, recruiting website also provides application form for security guards job and applicant puts all his information in this form and sent online. The other method of application is through courier service through that an applicant can send his documents to the concerned authority, but it demands hard attested copies of the documents. There is another option for inducting security guard for Bahrain is through local recruiting agencies or agent. The local, recruiting agencies advertises these vacant jobs in local newspapers and conduct tests and interview on the presence of Bahrain security authorities.

Salary and other facilities
Bahrain security guards salary is different in different companies and organization. There are some companies which are headed by foreign executives and some run under the native individuals and that is why they have different salary packages. Similarly, personal security guards are also on the personal disposal and employer pay according to his own desire or mutual understanding. However, the average salary for this security guard job is 120 BHD to 140 BHD per month along with other recommended facilities.

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