Bahrain office jobs

Bahrain office jobs
Bahrain is a fantastic destination of the international petroleum businessmen, visitors and tourist from all over the world. Bahrain is now a commercial hub in the Middle East and it is also famous among the tourist because of its location. Bahrain is the main base camp of different construction companies, oil and gas exploring companies and transportation companies. There are a lot of international firms are working in this part of the world. All these companies, organizations and firms have their own offices for record-keeping. These offices in Bahrain regularly announce or advertise in different media their vacant positions. These Bahrain offices usually advertise these office jobs like office manager, office receptionist job, office accountant job, data entry clerk jobs, general clerk jobs, security jobs, office boy jobs, peon, drivers and office assistant jobs. All these Bahrain office jobs are necessary and vital because of their importance that is why all these office jobs are filled by the more skilled, experienced and qualified individuals.

In Bahrain offices all jobs position perform specific task assigned by the office executive. So, all office jobs have their own responsibilities. The manager job in Bahrain office is specific for management, overseeing company properties, hire more suitable employee for office, resolve official problems, and maintain up-to-date record. The accountant’s job in an office is also vital which maintain office accounts updated. He is responsible for all official entries and keeping business transactions record. He maintains receivable, issue invoices, review expenses, payroll and other record. The accountant also engaged with compiling weekly and monthly basis reports. The data entry clerk is responsible for saving official data in computer and print out whenever record. This official data can be transferred to other relevant offices through online. The office receptionist job is the front office job which demands more active, skilled and qualified individual. He welcomes all visitors and clients in the office. He also attends incoming phone calls, disperse relevant mails to the concerned offices, and compile reports, bills and other official tasks. The general clerks jobs are common in Bahrain offices and the prime responsibility of these jobs holder is to maintain record in relevant file and cases.

Qualification and experience
The manager job in Bahrain office requires relevant qualification, experience, amazing personality, fantastic communication skills, computer expertise and understand both English and Arabic. He must have gradation in business administration, business management or commerce background. Bahrain office account must have a relevant experience, in accounting, financial reporting, MS Office and other computer expertise. He must be graduation in accounting or finance. The data entry clerk must be relevant degree in computer science or certification in computer literacy. Similarly he must have sound experience of this field. The receptionist jobs need degree in public relation or hospitality management. The Bahrain office clerks must a graduate and having typing or computer handling skills.

How to apply
In Bahrain office jobs are basically published in leading Arabic and English news papers and online websites. The online websites provide an opportunity to send application online through provided form. That particular form requires some personal, academic and experienced details from the candidate. Bahrain office jobs applicant can also be sent through postal service or authentic courier service, but it requires hard copies of relevant documents along with experience. Bahrain office jobs also hired through local recruiting agents or agencies through interviews under the supervision of the office executive.

Salary and other facilities
Bahrain office jobs offers different salary packages for different position holders. The manager earns 1,183 BHD, while accountant draws about 400 BHD, Similarly, receptionist salary is about 608 BHD, but data entry clerk earns 250 BHD and clerks draw 270 BHD per months along other official recommended facilities from office.

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