Bahrain house jobs

Bahrain house jobs
Bahrain local inhabitants are economically sound and the foreign resident in this country are also financially stable. The fantastic financial positions of these countrymen are due to huge exports of petroleum product. Bahrain residents are busy in their daily schedule and cannot manage their home properly that is why they advertise house jobs in leading news papers and online recruiting websites. However, these houses job also filled through local recruiting agencies. These houses job have different titles like house maid, housekeeper, house servant, etc. These houses job servants are also hired by the hotels, hospital, hostels and guest houses in Bahrain. The primary function of the house maids are to assist in the house jobs or tasks. In Bahrain the house maids perform different function at home like washing clothes, dish washing, dusting, cleaning, ironing, cooking and caring of kids. Bahrain house maids are also appointed for caring of elder family members at home. Bahrain housekeepers also hired for providing assistance in the house item purchasing. In some houses the house maids are only hired for the caring of the kids during the prime time or duty hours in Bahrain.

Bahrain house maids are appointed for the assistance of family members and facilitate the home in different tasks. Bahrain house maids are hired for all house jobs or sometime for specific jobs like cooking or washing, etc. However, usually this job is filled as a full-time and in this situation house maid perfumes all house activities. Bahrain house maids also inducted as a part-time house servant for some specific jobs. The main house maid responsibilities are cleaning, washing, dusting, ironing, cooking meals, caring young kids and elders family member. Bahrain house maid also involve in purchasing house hold item and depositing different utility bills. In hotels and hospitals these house maids check cleanliness in defined area like laundry, storage and public use areas. Bahrain house maid also appointed to look after of the senior family members and house maid provide food, medicine and care different requirements.

Qualification and experience
Bahrain house maids job are common and frequently advertised in leading news papers and online websites. Similarly, these jobs also announced or hired through local recruiting agents or agencies. The Bahrain house maid qualification must be at least high school education and has minimum two to three years experience in same field in this country. Bahrain house maid must be aware about the rules and customs of the country. It is also necessary that he/she must communicate in Arabic as well as understand English. The majority of residents communicate in Arabic, but there are foreign resident which usually understand English. In hotels and hospital these jobs are filled by skilled, qualified and experience house maid servants.

How to apply
It is very simple advertisements are usually in newspapers with postal address and contact numbers. However, these jobs are also available online and applicant can apply through online service by filled out provide application form. The resident or inhabitant can sponsor the house maid from other country on this behalf and for this they need to arrange a sponsor visa. The house maid can send their application, curriculum vitae and other academic qualification documents through reliable courier service or postal service.

Salary and other facilities
Bahrain house maid job salary is mutually adjusted by employee and employer, but the average salary for this job in this country is about 400 BHD per month along with other facilities like accommodation if hired for full-time, food and medical assistance. These houses maid or servant jobs are also available as a part-time and they charge according to their service time or hours.

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