Australia security guard jobs

Australia is a peaceful country, but currently all over the world there is risk of security. To cope with these security issues Australia hires security guards in different capacities to secure the public lives and their properties. In Australia, security guards are required in offices, industries; companies head offices, organizations, public places, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, personal homes, etc. Australia security guards ensure the security of the inhabitants and international community living in this country. Australian security guards continuously patrol the security area by foot or by vehicle. Australia security guards used modern security devices and equipment to monitor the going on situation. Security guards perform their duties at the entrance point of the premises and exit point. However, security guard observes the situation with the help of CCTV cameras and other devices. They also use scanners, metal detectors and walk through gates to check the suspected individuals.

The security guard protect the defended area or premises belong to company or organization. The security guard usually performs this duty through patrolling by foot or using vehicle. He checks all installations, gates and other security instrument on the regular basis. Security guard protects defied premises theft, assets loss, violence and any other violation. The guard also inform in the case of fire, strikes and any other mishap in protected zone. In case of any violation is defined security area he informs the police and other concerned authorities. Security guards also observe the people enter in particular premises and stop the suspicious individual. He confirms the identity of the people and vehicles prior to enter the company or organization entry gate. In this country, security guard gets assistance from modern security devices like CCTV cameras, scanners, metal detector and alarm system. Security guards closely monitor the cameras and observe the going on situation in defied area or entry gate. In case of any suspicious activity they halt the individual or vehicle and confirm identity. The personal security guard secures and protects the personal property of employer and life.

Qualification and experience
The security guard in Australia plays very active and efficient role in the safety of the inhabitant and their assets. The security guards jobs are filled by experienced and skilled individual. However, he must have minimum high school certification. The previous experience in same line will be preferred specifically handling crowded area. He must be aware about safety, fire and first aid equipment and procedures. It is necessary for the security guard that he must handle, operate and readjust the security devices and equipment. He should be good in oral and written communication. The security guard jobs are available both in part-time as well as full-time in Australia.

How to apply
The security guards job usually filled through security providing agencies. The security agencies installed security guard according to the need and demands of the employer or company. These jobs also advertise in newspapers and websites, in websites the application format is available through that applicant can apply online. Similarly, applicants can apply through postal or courier service by sending hard academic documents with experience or covering letters. The personal security guard jobs are arranged through inviting application on personal address or email address.

Salary and other facilities
In Australia, security guards earn different salary packages from their owners or employer. Australian companies and organization provides handsome salary packages and other facilities. However, the average salary for a security guard in Australia is about AU$22 per hour, but it may change with mutual understanding. The salary package in commercial organization is comparatively better than the personal employer salary. The overall salary for security guard in Australia is outstanding as compare to other countries of the world.

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