Australia hotel jobs

Australia a new fantastic commercial hub of the world, this country has a vast area and full of natural resources. Australia developed huge industries and leading the world in industries, similarly, this country is also ahead in agricultural products. Australia also leading in dairies and other cultivated products. There are millions of visitors, students, workers and experts visit this part of the world for jobs. This is fantastic country having natural beauty and scenery that attracts the tourists and visitors from all over the world. To accommodate these workers, visitors, tourists and business community people this country has amazing hotels and resorts. Australia hotels have qualified, skilled and experienced hotel staff that perform different service in hotel according to their expertise. Australia hotels are divided into different classes according to services and facilities. Australian hotels usually advertise these jobs like hotel manager, HR manager, receptionist, accountant, chefs, cook, housekeeper, waiter, waitress, porter, room attendant, security guard, drivers, etc.

All hotels job in Australia are specific for a specific assigned duty that is why hotels hire more skilled and qualified individual to fill the vacant position in hotel. The HR manager is the responsible to hire new hotel staff according to qualification and experience. Similarly, he checks all accounts, management situation, facilities and performance of the employees. Hotel manager in Australia perform different service in hotel like manage all requirements of the staff and hotel, arrange meetings and other events. Another key position in hotel is well dresses and active receptionist who welcomes guests and clients, reserve rooms and tables, attend phone calls, make bills and compiles reports. Accountant in Australian hotel also play an important role and mange all hotel accounts, expenses, income, salary details, budget forecast, tax returns and other financial issues. Housekeeper is the person that mange all hotels room and lobbies. He/she changes beds, cleans furniture, windows and other accessories. Chefs and cook are responsible for all sorts of dishes and recipes. Hotel waiter and waitress take order from customers, place food on the table and collect bills.

Qualification and experience
The HR manager is related to hotel management and administration and he should have a relevant experience and qualification which must be graduation or master in management or business administration. Hotel manager usually equipped with degree in hospitality management or business management from recognized university. The receptionist job is usually goes to that particular person having fantastic personality, amazing communication skills, good computer knowledge, customer handling techniques and have degree in management sciences or public relation. Accountant should have degree in accounts, commerce or business administration and have sound experience in accounts matter. Housekeeper should have relevant an experience and have minimum high school education. Chef must have relevant an experience and certification in international foods like intercontinental, Chinese, and Italian foods. The waiter must have a graduation or having degree in hotel management or hospitality management.

How to apply
All Australian hotel jobs can be applied from their same website that advertises these jobs online. Through online application candidate just fill out the provided application form that usually required personal information, qualification and experience details. However, applicant can apply through provided postal address along with hard copies of documents.

Salary and other facilities
In Australia all hotels position have their own specific salary package or other facilities. The HR manager earn AU$7000 per month, the manager draws AU$5000 per month, while receptionist salary is about AU$4000 per month. The accountant in hotel earns AU$4500 per month, the chef earning is about AU$4400 per month, but the waiter earn AU$3100 per month. Similarly other hotel jobs also have handsome salary package according to the Australian rules and regulation.

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