Australia driving jobs

Australia is a big economy of the continent Australia, which is growing day to day. Australia has different companies, organization, agricultural zones, industrial zones, marketing companies, offices, institutes and other related organizations. These organizations run their business successfully in Australia. These institutions and organization requires different types of drivers like light vehicles drivers and heavy vehicles drivers. The light vehicles drivers drive cars, wagons and other small vehicles. These lights vehicles drivers have light vehicles driving license and they usually hired by hotels, hospitals, delivery companies, offices and personal home drivers. The heavy vehicles drivers drive trucks, tankers, buses and trailers and for this they require heavy vehicles driving license. The construction companies, oil producing companies and other industries demands heavy vehicles drivers. The public transport like buses also needs heavy vehicles drivers. Taxi drivers also drive light vehicles to transport passengers within city and outside the city. The personal drivers, hotel driver and ambulance drivers drive light vehicles.

The main responsibility of the driving job is to transport the material and luggage from one place to another destination. Similarly, driver also transports the passengers from one place to another safely in desire time. The heavy vehicles driver drives trucks, tankers, buses and trailers. The trucks and trailers drivers transport material or products from one area to another. The bus drivers usually transport passengers specifically school kids from home to school and vice versa. The light vehicles driver drives hotel vehicles to pick and drops of visitors, tourist and guests from airport to hotels and other touring places. Similarly, hospital also hires these light vehicles drivers for ambulances and other vehicles. The light vehicles drivers in Australia are also hired by private companies as devilry drivers for different products and food items. The light vehicle, driver also hired by employers as a personal driver for domestic service. Drivers are also responsible for their vehicles maintenance and record-keeping of trips.

Qualification and experience
In Australia both light and heavy vehicles drivers must have relevant driving license. Similarly, drivers must be equipped with one to two years experience in light or heavy vehicle driving. The class C driving license is required for cars, vans, tractors, etc. The light vehicles are those vehicles which have up to 4.5 tunes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Similarly heavy vehicles required specific driving license in Australia. It is also necessary for the drivers that they fully understand and follow the traffic rules and regulation. In case applicant is from overseas, then he must have legal status in Australia and have valid work visa. This country prefers skilled, experienced and qualified drivers for their vacant position.

How to apply
Australia drivers job usually advertise in leading newspapers and online recruiting websites. The websites provide online application facility, but applicant can also send his application along with hard copies of documents on given postal address. In Australia, jobs providing agencies also arranges jobs for registered drivers in job providing agencies. The employer like hotels, hospitals and other offices advertise this job in leading newspapers or online recruiting websites. They take test and interview and hire drivers according to the need and requirement like light or heavy vehicles drivers.

Salary and other facilities
Australian drivers earn different salary packages because of vehicles categories as well as employers. In Australia, truck driver earns AU$27.27 per hour, similarly bus driver draws AU$27.22 per hour, while cars drivers salary is about AU$25.53 per hour. However, personal light vehicles drivers earn AU$20.03 per hour. The construction companies, oil and gas companies and other commercial institutes usually hire heavy vehicles drivers and offer handsome salary package and other facilities.

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